At the moment, to describe myself blandly, a graduate student in molecular and cell biology. I read all sorts of fiction, but have an especial fondness for SF/F and mysteries. Some other details to note: Korean-American, Catholic, liberal, ivory-tower academic.


The title ‘.infinityblog.’ results from my lack of originality in coming up with interesting names. The subtitle ‘unraveling the Eternal Golden Braid’ comes from Douglas Hofstatder’s Gödel, Escher, Bach. The domain name ‘trois royaumes’ is French for ‘three kingdoms’, referring to Luo Guanzhong’s famous classic San guo yan yi.


I began this blog at the conclusion of my first year as an undergraduate and have through sheer obstinacy managed to keep it updated despite months of inactivity.


The blog itself is hosted by Surpass Hosting. The domain name was purchased through As for myself, I currently live in Berkeley, California.


I began with the intention of making .infinityblog. into a proper reading blog. In other words, I wanted to record my thoughts on everything I read, whether it be books, scientific papers or blog articles. At the moment, I’ve only been keeping track of books—a rather time-consuming enterprise in itself—and mostly fiction books at that. My foremost objective is to note down my reactions to the book, that is, what I want to remember; hence I don’t provide any useful summaries or reviews. I do my best to avoid giving spoilers, but that too cannot be guaranteed. A log of all the new books I’ve read (starting from May 2004) can be seen in this booklist. There have been significant gaps in my blogging, as can be seen in the log, and if anyone would like to request my thoughts on a book that I failed to blog about, please leave a comment here. I am also reposting old entries concerning books from my LiveJournal in the interests of consolidation under the category memory lane. The category bibliophages consists of reposted reviews originally written for the online book club, The Bibliophagic Society.