I recently finished Atul Gawande’s Complications (Indiebound | Powell’s), which is one of the four books I ought to finish reading before I head to a fellowship conference in two weeks.

I also bought (and started) the latest Discworld novel from Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals (Indiebound | Powell’s), which is about the Unseen University beginning its own football team. In a way, it’s a sort of birthday present, since I used the gift certificate that K. gave me several weeks ago to purchase it.

A list of ebooks on my work computer, none of which I have even opened yet:

  • Stranger Things Happen, by Kelly Link
  • Magic for Beginners, by Kelly Link
  • The Ant King and Other Stories, by Benjamin Rosenbaum
  • Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe

I’m embarrassed to admit that I still haven’t read the last book on the list. I dug up the ebook after reading that Achebe has written new book after twenty years (Reuters).

I also have a copy of Helen DeWitt’s Your Name Here (available for purchase here). I began the book several months ago, but I lost my place in the file and haven’t been able to retrieve it. I suspect I really ought to move it to my home computer, where I can use Stanza.